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  2. The Economy
  3. National Security
  4. Cities and Communities
  5. Law Enforcement and The Justice System
  6. Personal Finances and Public Assistance
  7. Education
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  9. Immigration
  10. Taxes
  11. Foreign Policy
  12. The United States Armed Services
  13. Labor Unions
  14. Right-to-Life
  15. The Right to Bare Arms

The Economy

The key to restoring America’s economy is to let the best ideas win. For over 200 years America has attracted inventors, business leaders, and investors from all over the world because we protect every American’s right to invent new products, and market their products to consumers. Americans think freely, speak freely, assemble freely, and sell their inventions to customers in a free market economy. For generations, consumers have preferred American products for their value, quality and durability. Every American’s right to sell their inventions in a free market has made the United States the champion of capitalism and freedom all over the world. By fostering new ideas, financing new innovations, and rationally managing our businesses; America’s economy has developed into the most powerful economic engine in the world. In order to build a stronger and more recession resilient economy, we must effectively manage investments in our economy and build a more diverse economy. We can build a stronger economy by strategically investing in industries in which we are a leader, strategically investing in industries where we can be a leader, and divesting from industries where we are no longer competitive. We can build a more diverse economy by protecting equal opportunity and enforcing fair competition between large and small businesses, mature and innovative businesses, physical and internet based businesses as well as multinational, national, regional and local businesses. As our economy grows stronger, opportunity in our nation will increase, more jobs will be created, and more economic opportunity will be available to all Americans.

The United States Government, Wall Street and effective business leaders are the foundation to The American Dream. The United States Government protects America’s economy, and fosters new areas of growth and innovation within our economy. The United States Government ensures accuracy, accountability and transparency when measuring America’s financial performance. Furthermore, the United States Government is responsible for ensuring equal opportunity and tough, but fair, competition. By fostering innovation, enforcing safety standards, enforcing national security requirements, and ensuring tough, but fair, competition, the United States Government creates the conditions for a stronger economy and increased job creation. Wall Street is also essential to the success of America’s economy. Wall Street’s ability to identify emerging market leaders and secure sound business financing for what were once startup companies has been vital to the success of America’s most trusted and well known companies. America’s most successful businesses have increasing numbers of loyal customers all over the world, and decades of sustained revenue and profit growth because of Wall Street financing. With a continued focus on the fundamentals of objective analysis, strategic investing and conservative valuations, Wall Street will continue to play an essential role in the success of America’s businesses. America’s economic miracle is most significantly built on the consistent and steady leadership of business leaders who run disciplined and methodical businesses. American businesses that generate stable and consistent returns by providing products and services of superior value, quality and durability are the foundation to The American Dream. America’s business leaders unrelenting commitment to drive results, increase performance and manage financial results is the cornerstone to our economic success.

By strengthening the foundation that has created America’s sustained economic growth, we can continue to be a trusted business partner, a smart investment decision and a leader in job creation.

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