Over the past two decades America's future has grown less certain. The incomes of everyday Americans are shrinking, and our standard of living and quality of life are in decline. While America's middle class is growing weaker, there has been a rise in crime and a rise in corruption that continues to weaken our economy, our justice system and our government. As the foundation of our nation erodes, the sustainability and expansion of opportunity continues to decline. In order to revitalize opportunity in our nation, we must protect and expand equal access to opportunity for all Americans. Through fair competition, we can ensure that every American who has earned the right to be a leader is awarded the authority to make decisions in the interest of our nation's success and sustainability. For every day moving forward, we must get back to the values that have expanded opportunity for generations of Americans.

While we may face uncertainty, uncertainty will always be defeated by building on the fundamentals that consistently lead to sustainable growth, and a sustainable nation.

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