Devon Manelski for President of the United States of America
Socially Progressive, Fiscally Conservative Independent Candidate

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Goals & Objectives for My First Four Years As President
  1. To restore our personal security.
  2. To restore our financial security.
  3. To restore our information security and privacy.
  4. And to protect the personal, financial and information security of future generations.

Over the past two decades, America's future has grown less certain. The incomes of everyday Americans are shrinking, and our standard of living and quality of life are in decline. As America's middle class is growing weaker, there has been a rise in crime, a rise in corruption, and an increase in government solutions that have put The American People at greater personal and financial risk. Government initiatives intended to protect us have created systemic issues in America's economy, justice system, businesses and news media that have betrayed our public trust. For every day moving forward Americans must work to restore our personal, financial and information security. We must get back to the values that have made America the most successful nation in modern history.

  1. A Free and Safe Society
  2. A Strong and Fair Justice System
  3. A Free and Objective Press
  4. Hard Work - Know How - Continuous Improvement
  5. Direct and Clear Communication
  6. Business Sense
  7. Business Integrity
  8. Free Markets
  9. Fearless Business Innovation
  10. Disciplined Strength

While we may face uncertainty, uncertainty will always be defeated by building on the fundamentals that consistently lead to sustainable growth, and a sustainable nation.

Infographic #1: The pillars of Equality, Justice and Freedom are built upon our foundation of Disciplined Strength.

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